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Why Hire A Professional

This is a great question and one that goes through everybody's mind. With  technology today and the availability of an ipod, of course you can save yourself some money. plug it into some speakers and the party can begin. there are even dj's available that perform using only an ipod and a set of speakers or a small controller. Why pay more than you have too?

For a few very good reasons. reliability, versatility, interaction and the showmanship.

Lets start with reliability. a professional dj that has been performing any length of time knows that equipment can make or break any event. making sure your equipment is professional and up to the task ensures that the customers event goes off without any hiccups.

Now how about versatility? as a professional dj it is important that you can keep up and move with the demands of the guests. reading a crowd is an art and takes years of practice. being able to bring a variety of different genres of music to keep everybody happy is what a dj does. an ipod will usually only have what the owner likes. you'll never be able to keep all of your guests happy.

lets move on to interaction. a live dj can be involved with the crowd. requests come up, maybe a special birthday shout out, announcements and most of all a dj can keep you with your guests instead of worrying about the music.

now for showmanship. not all dj's bring it or have the ability. some stare at their computer, while others sit and just push a button. Our showmanship comes from being old school. working turntables, mixing music, not playing a song from beginning to end so the guests are tired of it. we get the guests moving, keep the music changing and give you and your guests a show.

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